This mouth-watering treat will make your heart sing.

The latest addition to my chocolate arsenal is a small, yet deadly-decadent treat: Archer Farms Chocolate Gourmet Lava Cake. Rich, gooey, chocolatey goodness oozing out of a dark cocoa dome, microwaveable and ready in 55 seconds. (And it’s organic!) Top with a fat scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and you’ve got yourself a heart-warming, fall-off-your-seat finish to a great meal. I wish I could fill up a big box and send it to all my friends and the kids in my family!

Meanwhile, I absolutely looove birthday cake icing, a.k.a. marshmallow frosting, made fromβ€”correct me if I’m wrongβ€”whipped egg whites and hot syrup. So my next project is to make a basic moist yellow cake from a box, and top it with heaps and heaps of this sweet white frosting. Now repeat after me: “Ahh...”