Spend funny Friday nights with Gus and Shawn on Psych.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Cosmo Series. I’m almost at the homestretch (more than halfway the 16 posts). So yesterday, Friday, after submitting one post and working on the next two drafts, I decided to reward myself and finally make a chocolate cake I’ve been wanting to make since early this week. I’ll blog about that in the next entry and post pics, too.

Evenings are usually when I move from the desktop computer and to the bed and get on my laptop to either blog or work on pending deadlines. And as of this month, I’ve decided to make 11pm to 1am my manuscript editing schedule.

Anyway, last night, after making the cake, I went to bed earlier than usual and watched TV.

I have a funny relationship with TV: I can go for months without watching, or get glued for hours until my eyes get droopy. If I had Direct TV I probably would have totally different viewing habits. (If you live in the US, click here for more info on Directv and get up to 5 months free when you subscribe.)

Two of my favorite shows to watch are Psych and Burn Notice, and a third I’m curious about is White Collar—out on October 23. All are part of the roster of shows on USA Network (House, Monk, etc.).

Psych (pictured above) features fake-psychic Shawn Spencer and best friend Burton Guster who help the Santa Barbara Police Department solve crimes. Shawn has developed a heightened awareness of his surroundings thanks to the strict and regimented upbringing of his police officer father, Henry, played by L.A. Law alum Corbin Bernsen (who also has great comic timing).

Gabrielle Anwar and Jeffrey Donovan play sleuthing spies in Burn Notice, back this winter.

Burn Notice, on the other hand, is slightly more serious, featuring burned spy, Michael Westen. I’ve been following it for a few seasons now and it’s gotten a bit darker and grittier over time, but still overall fun to watch, with Fiona and Sam (played by Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell) as Michael’s smart and dashing ‘sidekicks.’

“White Collar is about the unlikely partnership of a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years,” according to the USA Network website. Click on the image below to read up on the upcoming series. I’m guessing Matt Bomer, who plays con artist Neal Caffrey hired by the FBI to help catch other white collar criminals, is the network’s answer to Don Draper of Mad Men—a show I have yet to watch.

(For more info on DirectTV, visit http://www.blogtelevision.net.)

Images courtesy of http://download-apps.net (Psych), http://zoknows.wordpress.com (Burn Notice), and http://www.usanetwork.com (White Collar).