Budget limits and practical reasoning aside (at least for certain items), here’s what’s on my holiday wishlist:

1) An ergonomic chair
For my back. For my writing. Enough said. I did finally manage to buy a desk from Ikea. I went to the store twice: the first day, to get the legs; the second day, to buy the tabletop. Up until then I didn’t realize how easy it was to commute to the store in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The new Canon PowerShot S95.

2) A new camera
I’m not too thrilled to say that my new Nokia phone seems to take better photos than my six-year-old Sony Cybershot, at least for certain shots in low light. And, since blogging is part of my livelihood, it’s probably about time to do an upgrade.

3) A TV
I do not own a television set. I can go for months without seeing live broadcast. In fact, the first thing I did when I moved to the Bronx was remove the TV and cable box in my new room. The Food Network is the only channel that I’ve consistently watched whenever I’ve had television access. And, I catch up on favorite shows like 30 Rock, White Collar, and Burn Notice via Hulu.com, the NBC and USA Network websites, and others.

Yet, if I want to eventually work in TV, I need to watch TV and have daily access to it.

4) A citrine ring
Just because. Well, ever since I’d dropped my faux citrine cocktail ring two years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement. I saw a real, precious one while walking home from the library, and simply got reminded of this bejeweled craving.

Bialetti 3-Cup Moka Express

5) A Bialetti Moka Express…
…That I finally got to buy on Amazon! I initially lusted after a Nespresso machine or any of those pod-ready coffee contraptions, however, upon giving it some thought, I realized I preferred the Moka pot’s natural approach to good espresso. Hence, I gifted myself with the shiny silver brewer (it’s much, much more affordable, too, than the former!).

6) A manual pasta machine
There is an attachment for the Kitchenaid mixer but I would actually prefer a good ol’ pasta maker.

7) A new daytime, full-time job.
For me to actually afford all of the above (not counting the Moka pot).

A new daytime job, where I could work for at least a year. While working as a consultant and freelancer has been FUNβ€”and my writing plate has never ever been empty despite the lack of an office cubicle/corner officeβ€”I now desire something more long-term. It reminds me of datingβ€”that stage when both parties decide to commit and go for the long haul.

Born Champagne Metallic flats.

Hence, it’s all (cyber) window shopping and wishlists for now.

(Speaking of online shopping, check out Zappos.com for cute Born flats, clogs, and women’s Oxfords.)

Images courtesy of Friedchillies.com, Canon.com.au, and Zappos.com.