Mini lemon pies from Go For A Bite.

Have you been to lately? Check out Go For A Bite—it’s about this quaint little shop in Greenwich Village that sells delicious cream puffs (that are indeed, creamy AND airy!), and Orange Chocolate, my latest sweet indulgence from Target.

I haven’t forgotten about this blog though. I’ve just been…busy, for lack of a better word. Over Thanksgiving break, I went home to Denver for a little R&R…where I actually got to make cream puffs from a recent issue of Martha Stewart Everyday Food. More on that in another post.

On the work and writing front, my plate is quite full these days, even if you exclude the mounting blog backlog (sometimes I wish I had one of those tiny, tiny Sony Vaio netbooks, so I can blog whenever, wherever. I do have an Acer that’s pretty much portable so I essentially have no excuse). As for the search for a new writing day job, I’ve been applying here and there so for sure I will keep you all posted when I have exciting news to share.