When I got to the office today, I did something different to start the day off: Instead of the usual checking emails, bank balances, and other updates online, I went right ahead and got down to the writing tasks at hand. Just writing. As in, opening Wordpad (I like the simple interface) once the computer finished booting up. I must say it was refreshing. I write this actually without even having checked a single email.

I find that ideas are so fresh in the morning. And if you read and write for a living, it’s wise to capitalize on this early burst of momentum. In my Time and Type post from last year, I mentioned that as a freelancer (who didn’t have to wake up at a set time daily), I found the ideas being diffused by the ‘defrost’β€”those couple of minutes I allow myself to enjoy lingering in bed before actually getting up.

These days, my husband and I still ‘defrost,’ however, our body clocks have changed; mine especially. With my latest project going full throttle and with a few weeks left before its culmination, I’m at the office the earliest I’ve ever been on a daily basis in almost a decade. And what better way to capture a promising day fully than going off to an early startβ€”at least until I’m back working in my pajamas once again.