DAY 27

of the 30-Day Blog Challenge, 2011

I’m four posts away from finishing this year’s 30-Day Blog Challenge, and it has been a real challenge so far coming up with a single post everyday, what with work, errands, yoga classes, and other things that occupy my time. But, I know completing it is a reward in itself.

I got to thinking about patience, persistence, and waiting:

1) Persistence pays off.

At mass today, the priest said, “God answers the prayers of the persistent.” And, he also said this prayer of thanksgiving, “We thank You for all that we already have, and we only ask for more because of our reliance in You.” I like the above quotes because, while I know that God already knows exactly what I need and want (chocolate), he also is a great listener. I akin it to a parent lovingly listening to a child narrating a Christmas wish list; a child fixating on a particular toy which, one morning, magically sits under the tree, topped with a gorgeous bow. It’s a delightful moment for both giver and receiver. So, when you want something, ask, ask, ask! And then be grateful.

2) Patience is a virtue.

I think about my husband when discussing patience and (high) EQ—qualities that come naturally to him. You’ll never see him harrowed by long airport lines or waiting in general (except probably at restaurants). He has the tenacity that comes from diligence, that’s why he gets the promotion and lands the best deal when shopping. As for me, I’m pretty good at waiting and long lines too—having been an only child for the most part, boredom has rarely ever been an issue. Compared to my husband though, I am the impatient one. So it’s good that we’re together.

That said, I also believe that a little impatience thrown into the mix from time to time can be helpful, especially if it helps propel you forward. A nudge here and there, and you can go back to planting seeds and being patient.

3) Good things come to those who wait.

I subscribe to this quote as well but I can’t help but think about Ann Boleyn, eep! Fine, not everybody suffers the fate of the beheaded queen—she did get the king after seven years of waiting before he decided to do away with her. Still, going back to #1, it’s good to be persistent…and to try to find meaning in waiting.