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My athleisure obsession continues.

So on Friday I met up with two friends for dinner and drinks. I got to the Flatiron District a little bit early, with the intention of ducking into the supercool store Bandier—where one could shop sleek, sharp, appropriate-outside-the-gym athletic wear—but instead, piqued my athleisure obsession further a few doors down via this London-bred boutique: Sweaty Betty.

Premium printed leggings, neoprene crop tops, pretty underthings, and adorable sportswear galore lined the store. And, yes—all of the above ridiculously overpriced.

But alas, ridiculously overpriced things have a way of growing on you (yes, Lululemon, you), and now I can’t stop thinking about Sweaty Betty!

Take these Santa Marta Run Tights, for example: gahh, so cute!

nyminutenow sweaty betty_san marta leggings_01

Santa Marta Run Tights, $160. UPDATE 2/29/16: I recently tried these on and yes, they were adorable. Just note that they are better suited for running, and not so much for yoga as they are quite see-through when you bend over. 🙂

nyminutenow sweaty betty_san marta leggings_02

nyminutenow sweaty betty_03

The Sweaty Betty Store in Flatiron. 168 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

There was a space-agey grey version of this sweater at the store that I totally pictured myself wearing to work. But then I already wear quite a lot of grey these days. 😀

nyminutenow sweaty betty_oste luxe sweater_01

Oste Luxe Sweatshirt, $210.

This backpack—with my Delsey wheelie, cruising down the airport…

nyminutenow sweaty betty_luxe run backpack_01

Luxe Run Backpack, $145.

And the “training hoodie” in the backpack photos…

nyminutenow sweaty betty_optimal training hoodie_01

Optimal Training Hoodie, $255.

An NYC girl can dream (London), right? 😉