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Singer Deborah Cox serenades the crowd at the Benefit Luncheon
before the Beach Glamour event.

What better way to kickstart my first weekend back in New York than a trip to East Hampton, in no less than Lily Pond Lane—home to industry bigwigs and celebrities like Martha Stewart (sigh), Billy Joel, and Jerry Seinfeld.

Beach Glamour in the Hamptons was one of two events—the other being a benefit luncheon—held on June 26 at the Reginald F. Lewis estate in honor of the late business tycoon, lawyer, and the first African American billionaire. Mr. Lewis had paved the way for other men of color brought up in “tough” environments to excel in the fields of business and law.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to assist in some PR and publicity work for the event, thanks to Carissa Villacorta who chaired the evening’s festivities. I was also honored to meet the every gracious and delightful Mrs. Loida Nicolas-Lewis, who has continued her husband’s lucrative business ventures and philanthropic efforts (funds raised at Beach Glamour have been given to the RFL Museum in Baltimore).

The unbelievably gracious, Mrs. Loida Nicolas Lewis (wife of the late Reginald F. Lewis), and
O, The Oprah Magazine editor-at-large Gayle King.

I have never met anybody so warm and genuinely accommodating as Mrs. Lewis; I was so impressed by how engaged she was in every conversation from lunch until way past dinner—on her feet and welcoming all the hello’s while expressing heartfelt thank-yous like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before. Truly amazing. Consider me a Loida groupie. If in my life I ever reach that status of wealth and influence, I would very much like to emulate her. When one is blessed, one must be generous not just with money but also with non-quantifiable resources such as time, empathy, and effort.

Now, no words can fully express how beautiful and breathtaking the estate was, so let me show you photos to tell the rest of my weekend story 🙂

The RFL Beach Glamour evening programmes.

The sprawling RFL estate in East Hampton.

One goes out the patio/backyard and sees this.

The canopied cabana set-up in the backyard.
We were all on our feet for most of the day, but, this was a fun breather for us to pose and smile.
From left to right: Michelle Newson of Onederland Events, moi, publicist and project chair Carissa Villacorta, KasalNY’s Lyna Larcia-Calvario, and PR assistant Genevieve Santos.