First bump. From early July 2016.

I’m not too big on goodbyes. Plus, my husband is convinced that I’ll change my mind down the line, so “hiatus” it is for now. πŸ™‚

In an effort to simplify and further streamline my life, I’ve decided to quit blogging for the time being. Yes, these efforts were perhaps fueled by my pregnancy news. However, this decision feels like a long time coming.

My thoughts on this and why I’ve decided to halt blogging activities.

1) As a New Yorkerβ€”or simply a working adultβ€”I feel like my life is highly ‘calendarized’ as it is: I work from 9 to 6 Monday to Friday, teach yoga twice a week (down from four times), so that leaves me with the weekend to get any personal writing done. True, I could use my lunch hour or every now and then during lulls at work. But really, the weekend has always been my assignedΒ “writing time.” However, come Monday, I usually end up feeling guilty for not having “accomplished” anything, when in fact, I should chill out, calm down, and accept that weekends are for resting, for meandering, for whiling away one’s time, binge-watching on Netflixβ€”and that’s okay. One needs to recharge their batteries. So that’s what I did: accept the realities of my current lifestyle, the need to recuperate…and get plenty of sleep.

2) I first started blogging in 2003. I was recently featured in our company’s Snapchat story and our social media manager showed me that someone, a girl named Jen, had sent a Snap in response, saying that she used to read my blog back in the dayβ€””Whineybaby” (yikes, haha) which later on became “Chocolate Soundboard”β€”and then NY Minute Now at its current iteration and URL.

This makes me wish that I didn’t decide to ditch blogging but the truth is, the climate of blogging is so different now than it was back in the day. And that’s actually okay. I am simply embracing the reality that I haven’t really been actively participating in this activity at the level one needs to deem it worthwhile. I have such high regard for blogging and my friends who blog and have this as their main livelihood. It takes time, discipline, and consistency to achieve their level of success and readership, which unfortunately and admittedly, I have not devoted as much of.

3) That being said, I have quite a bunch of unfinished or unedited posts. Having come from magazines, I can’t seem to shake off the “create and collate” system that delays my posting of things. When I read drafts, I notice that there isn’t that much left to be edited or tweaked, and these posts just stay there in limbo. My hope is to get to post those still.

So yes, a goodbye of sorts, but not really. Simply carving some time for myself and this upcoming bundle of love, so as such, parking the blog for now.


I’m still lurking in social media (I did quit Snapchat too though) so if you’d like to stay in touch, just add me on Facebook. Every now and then, I still post on Instagram too. πŸ™‚