Sixth post of the Travel Series.

Chicago Theater

If you regularly read this blog, you’d know that my husband and I live miles and miles apart (sniff!). So, whenever the chance to spend time with him comes up, I’m quick to snap up the opportunity. For example, when I found out he was being sent to Chicago for work back in early January, I booked a flight for myself and looked forward to two weeks in the Windy City.

I know seasoned travelers would be aghast when I say that my fondest memory of President Obama’s hometown is a cozy room in a midtown hotel off of North Michigan Avenue (that, and the delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizzas from Lou Malnati’s and Pizzeria Uno).

Before and after… Burp!

Because of the weather—windy, chilly, slippery—I found myself within the confines of my husband’s air-conditioned room. However, I was surprisingly very productive there: While he went to work during the day for almost two weeks, I’d managed to create the backup of my old blog template and successfully revamp this one. You can imagine the hours of testing, tinkering, tweaking… The result of which is what you see here now.

It was frreezing…
…but the food was good. Here we are having breakfast at the Corner Bakery: Crunchy Honey Banana Oatmeal for moi, and the Chicken Pomodori Panini with Cheddar Broccoli soup combo for the husband.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures, at least compared to Breckenridge, Napa Valley, Sonoma County, and all the other places featured here in the Travel Series. But, still, I had a blast in Chicago and would most likely vacation there another time.

The beautiful Holy Name Cathedral.
Chicago has actually been dubbed, “The Architect’s Playground,” because of its dynamic architecture
ranging from classic and historical buildings to ultra-modern high-rises.
Trump International Hotel & Tower at night.
Walking on East Wacker Drive by the River Hotel.
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