One of the most memorable movie soundtracks around.

While in the kitchen prepping ingredients for banana bread and chocolate chip squares, my Pandora Quickmix suddenly played the song, “Crash” by the Dave Matthew’s Band. I stopped in my tracks and took a moment to listen to the song I hadn’t heard in YEARS. I found it odd that the anthem of my late teens never found its way to my iTunes playlist. So, suffice it to say, I have been fixating on songs I used to listen to back in the day.

It also occurred to me, how, for a good decade—from the early nineties to the turn of the new millenium—I’d regularly played the guitar as a hobby. As a teen, one summer I taught myself to play, and that school year in high school, I chose guitar as a music elective. I didn’t become quite the expert, but I learned the basics in a more academic setting. I played random classical pieces, and my teacher—a lanky, long-haired guitarist who probably had his own band and was working as a music instructor during the day—would sneak in some contemporary hits during practice sessions. Eventually, as college rolled around, I learned how to play songs by Dave Matthews, D’Sound, Everything But The Girl, and all of those artists who were popular back in the day. It felt like a lifetime ago, and I instantly started to wish I had a new guitar to completely reminisce, as well as relearn, the tunes of my yesteryears and actually pick up new pieces (Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” perhaps?).
One particular song that got my heart thudding today was “We Meet Again” by Nancy Wilson, which was featured in the Jerry Maguire OST (sample the iTunes track here or on Now, this one was incredibly memorable and special because at the time, my ex-boyfriend and I were just friends at the climbing gym we both frequented, and I tried to impress him by learning the complicated track, which required precise plucking of certain notes, versus collectively strumming chords. So what I did, since the College of Music was just across the street from MassComm, I approached a random musician and asked if he could translate the song into sheet music for me, into “tabs” as what they’re commonly called. 
Looking back, I couldn’t believe I did that(!)—both the fact that I commissioned a music student AND went through all that effort to get a boy’s attention. How I wish I still knew who the guy was—he did an excellent job that within a week or so, I had pages of music to study. I probably told my ex the story when we did get together about a year after. He and I are actually still friends to this day (his wife did my beautiful invites and they both were guests at my wedding). I do have some thoughts on staying friends vs. not staying friends with people whom one dated and that would merit another post altogether. 
It’s just amazing how my life changed throughout the years, and how the music I listened to changed with it in the process (now it’s plenty of house, Chicane, Phoenix, Katy-Perry-pop), and, now that I’m married and living here in New York City, how I’m rediscovering good bits and pieces from my past and finding ways to incorporate them in my current life.

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