Cute “donuts” for the home.

If you go to, you’ll find a section specifically for organizing cords: Homepage > Shop Now > Office > Desk Accessories > Cord Control.

Ever since we moved, I’ve been fixating on this subject. I’m quite good at keeping things kempt in the cord department—given that between Alvs and myself, we have a fair amount of gadgets around the house. These Cable Turtles though, take organization up a notch and beat my go-to hair elastics for managing dangling wiring. I love them!

I got these punchy-hued “donuts” last weekend. Made in the Netherlands (not surprising!), each one features a soft rubber casing that easily flips out to make winding a breeze, and then flips back in for the full cord-keeping effect.

Just make sure you get the right size for what you need.
I’d recommend buying an assortment!

I’m pretty sure you’ll find versions of these in Greenhills or CD-R King in Manila. Or, the exact same ones in Make Room. I remember spotting my cousin with something similar when she visited New York. Having said that, I guess this cord organization fixation runs in the family!

Steve Jobs—who favored an uncluttered aesthetic—would be happy. 
(If you go to the Apple store, you’ll find that all cords for five, seven computers neatly meet at the center of the table and run down in the same hole housed in one thick tube. I wish I’d taken a picture!)