Ny Minute Now. Now na.

I have no excuse for not blogging. I have the tools, gadgets, even the time. You know the saying, work expands to the amount of time we’re given. It’s like putting off de-cluttering for months, and when you have guests popping over at the last minute, all the mess is gone in 30 minutes flat. I believe I read this in the book, It’s All Too Much, by organization and clutter expert, Peter Walsh. (Blogged about the book here.)

But, if I play the time card and account for my non-blogging, October really was quite a blur of a month. Here were the highlights:

1) I became an American

I know I’ll always be Pinay at heart (I did go to the University of the Philippines, where we were reminded that our affordable State tuition was made possible by tax-paying citizens, including farmers and the hardworking working class) and no doubt in my mind and heart that I will always give back to my country in the best of my abilities.

Still a Pinay at heart.

2) My husband became a New Yorker.

Yes, four years in the making. We’ve finally graduated from the shenanigan of a long-distance relationship that we had subjected ourselves to. And I do not recommend it to anyone.

At one of my favorite, hole-in-the-wall sandwich shops in Soho.


Drinks for two!

3) Work, work…

Well, I’ve been working at my full-time job since April. And, I always say that whenever my day job entails writing and editing, the blogging is the first to get pushed to the backburner. Add to that my two other (part-time/off-site) jobs that take up a couple of hours every now and then. But then again, I have no excuse: so many of my editor friends do this. Some are even mommies!

At mass last Sunday, the readings, again, offered swak-na-swak [super apt/applicable] insight to whatever issues I had the previous weeks. Whatever drama, neurosis I’ve inflicted upon myself, I go to mass and leave feeling at peace—like a refreshing, centering salve to whatever dilemma is at hand. (The feeling is close to coming out of yoga class, which, by the way, is a great place to say one’s prayers and tune in to God.)

And sharing a meal, yay!

So anyway, the Gospel for that day was the Parable of Talents. We’re all given skills and tools to make it through life. I was recently just telling my husband that it’s amazing how engineers have figured out a way to run tunnels underwater for subways, and how each person is brought to this earth to do something. My mom always talks about this too. And it’s true: some of us are meant to be doctors, scientists, while others write, entertain, cook. It’s an amazing mix of talents that inhibit the world. So, automatically, I got to thinking about blogging, how I’ve become lazy. The parable was a great reminder to get back on it, and not keep coming up with excuses, and to share what I share with the world, both serious and the seemingly mundane.

The priest also mentioned how, as children, we open presents at Christmastime and find ourselves comparing what we received. He said to “mind our own presents/talents” and, picking up from the homily, to truly hone, nurture, and treasure what we’ve been given.