Homemade-takeout hybrid.

At 380 calories per serving, the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich is one of the more calor-rific items on the menu—that’s 130 calories more than a Hamburger, or 80 more than a Cheeseburger… Not that any of that has ever stopped me from enjoying the “fishy” fast-food find every now and then.

Crispy, chewy, cheesy…overall scrumptious!

Although these days, whenever I have a hankering for fried fish fillet spliced between two slices of soft bread, smothered with tartar sauce, and topped with a square of cheese, I’ve taken to the kitchen for the surprisingly easy-to-make treat.

Building blocks of a great sandwich.

The breeziness of the “homemade” version, I credit to the nearby fish store that sells both fresh and cooked seafood—including an assortment of deep-fried fish for the latter: tilapia, flounder, porgy, and more.

And, here’s a bit of trivia: When food is fried at the right temperature, the hot oil acts like a “seal” for moisture that steams the food from the inside, which results in minimal oil absorption. Too low of a temp means you have yourself a grease sponge. So, whip out a thermometer and reap delicious—even healthy—results! Or, like me, enjoy a homemade-takeout hybrid meal once in a while, and use the best ingredients you can find.

Chomp, chomp, chomp.