The Qwest Tower outside the Pepsi Center.

First post of the Travel Series

Colorado wasn’t Mom’s first home in the US. She actually lived in Washington DC for a long time before stumbling upon the Mile High City and discovering she was happiest there. Denver is a bustling locale 5,280 feet above sea level, hence, the nickname. I’ve been coming to the city for regular holidays—and have taken up residence there a few times—for almost a decade now. While the thin air can take getting used to for some, I find the city quite exhilarating…and actually relaxing. In the past, I’d considered finding work there, and had even gone on some interviews. But, upon further consideration, I figured I would be better off treating Colorado as my vacation and writing haven while keeping the rest of the work in New York. So far the plan has worked out pretty well.

Here are select snaps from our recent holiday trip.

The Pepsi Center in downtown Denver.
Inside the ticketing office 

One of the many places to eat at around town.
At the Denver Nuggets vs. Philadelphia 76ers game.
Posing with my husband.
The food court at Colorado Mills outlet mall.
Did I mention that it’s absolutely fun to go shopping in Colorado?
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