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Emily Blunt is tough, super-fit, yet calm and focused enough to hold an intense arm balance amidst whirring machines in the movie, Edge of Tomorrow.

I’m an Emily Blunt fan. She’s a great actress and a gorgeous fashionista who takes fashion seriously enough to look stunning and put-together on the red carpet, but keeps it real enough that she’s a joy to watch in interviews. I also think that she and John Krasinski are such an adorable couple—funny and down to earth.

So, I knew I was in for a treat when my husband and I saw Edge of Tomorrow on Friday night. The sci-fi flick features Blunt and Tom Cruise as full-metal, exo-skeleton-clad soldiers battling aliens called Mimics—which reminded me of nimbler, hyper-tentacled versions of the Decepticon Scorponok from the first Transformers movie. Cruise’s character, William Cage, unwittingly finds himself in a time loop, and gets better and better in combat along the way. Blunt’s character, Rita Vrataski, becomes privy to Cage’s ability to “reset” the day, and here is where I say…


emily blunt yoga_01

A must-see yoga sequence! Emily Blunt’s Chaturanga Dandasana to Bhujangasana transition.

Or, check out its Wikipedia entry or the official website for more info. This post is mainly about how AMAZING Emily Blunt’s yoga moves are in the film. There are no pictures of her online doing an unbelievable Mayurasana a.k.a. Peacock Pose, and her Chaturanga Dandasana to Bhujangasana/Updog transition is beyond fabulous. Yoginis watching the flick will definitely notice. In fact, I’ve never really attempted Mayurasana—it’s one of those intense asanas that I don’t even bother with (if one isn’t careful, it can be a head trip and it’s not the point of the practice). But, thanks to Blunt, I’m now inspired to work towards embodying the pose!

In 0:43 in this BBC interview, you’ll see a clip of the scene with Blunt in Peacock Pose:

Here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot BBC Emily Blunt yoga peacock pose_01

And, if you’d also like to explore the pose, here’s a helpful video from Ekhart Yoga:

Plus, a tutorial from Athleta:

nyminutenow yoga mayurasana_01

Mayurasana a.k.a. Peacock Pose

Namaste and happy practicing!

Images and videos courtesy of Comicbookmovie.com, BBC News, Ekhart Yoga, and Athleta.