Now I get why millions have already bought FitFlops!

FitFlops seem to belong in the category of mass-produced footwear wonders—e.g. Crocs, Toms and so forth. People either think they’re fantastic…or downright (f)ugly.

When it comes to these mega-popular ped picks, I had always been on neutral ground, with the exception of the first version of Crocs—to me, they’re only cute on children. But, to each her own, right? That said, newer styles, like the Carliana Peep Toe Ombré blue-green shoe below, would actually look pretty on adults. As for Toms, I’ve tried shopping for them on several occasions, but for some reason, it hasn’t worked out. Whether it’s the size, color, or simply the mood, I have yet to find the perfect pair. I’ll probably end up with something sparkly, like the Pink Women’s Glitters below, or their classic red.

As for FitFlops, here’s a bit of a backstory:

Marcia Kilgore held a series of random jobs before becoming a personal trainer, and then a facialist…with a seventh-month waitlist in her New York City studio. She later on founded the popular Bliss Spa and was somewhat responsible for changing the image of spas from matronly and antiseptic, to chic, comfortable, and cozy. A Vogue feature came along, so did a slew of celebrity clients, culminating in a multi-million dollar deal with Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) for a stake in her company. Bliss eventually expanded to include a line of skin and body products. And in 2007, Kilgore went on to create FitFlops—with the intention of having a slipper that can give your legs a workout when you wore them. Brilliant. According to this Asia Tatler article, over 12 million pairs have already been sold to date. (Read a detailed, pre-FitFlop biography for Kilgore here.)

Fab or flop?

AT some point, Kilgore also launched the kitschy/retro cosmetics brand, Soap & Glory. But that’s a whole blog topic altogether.

About two years ago, my cousin-and-law, accessories designer Happy David, told me how comfy FitFlops were—that she had walked in them for four days in Washington DC. On rare and random occasions, I’ve passively tried on the purportedly cushiony sandal, finding that they looked funny on my feet…until yesterday. While walking around and shopping in SoHo, I chanced upon this one:

FitFlop Women’s Hooper Thong Sandals

It must have been the hot weather and my feet having been enclosed in sneakers and socks all morning and early afternoon, but it instantly felt wonderful slipping into these sandals. Of course, I did the renegade trying-on-a-few-pairs and cementing the fact that I don’t look good in most of them, BUT, when it came to this model—and another bright white style on the display wall—I was compelled to get them because apart from the ahh factor, they actually looked good this time around. And now, looking at the other pairs on the brand’s website, it looks like I’m going to be hooked!

Tried to get a good solo shot but I guess our doggie wanted in on the photo-fun!
Here, I’m wearing an old top from Forever 21, Gap shorts, and my new, supercomfy Fitflops.

Model and product images courtesy of Fitflops, Toms, Crocs, and