I’ve resigned myself to the fact that dieting isn’t for me, and in order to sustain my love for delightful desserts, savory cuisine, and all other delicious concoctions, I have to maintain an active lifestyle that also includes regular trips to the health club.

Before the wedding, my husband and I signed up for a gym membership, after all, it’s cheaper than actually buying a our own equipment. We are not ready to invest in our own Tunturi treadmills, bikes, or elliptical trainers (check out Efitology.com if you’re looking to shop online for these) so regular sessions at Fitness First are our best bet at staying fit and healthy.

I must admit, Alvs is more conscientious when it comes to regular workouts. I get lazy sometimes. All the more I admire people like Women’s Health editor Lara Parpan, who writes the blog post, “Belly Be Gone!” in the newly revamped FemaleNetwork.com. (They featured NyMinuteNow.com in their favorite blogs! Thanks!) In the post, Lara also mentions model and entrepreneur Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez, who has remained slender, fit, and fabβ€”with four kids!

Anyway, I’m off to the airports for now. Hopefully I could get right back on the fitness track at the soonest possible time after deplaning! Until my next post!