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Like tacos, Halal food isn’t exactly photogenic. But, trust me: it’s good.

I love how in Manhattan you could be having breakfast at a quaint cafe, and by afternoon you’re enjoying a five-dollar late lunch on a street as buses and cars whiz by.

I was pesco-vegetarian during the whole time I’d lived here before this second move. So, I totally missed out on New York street food, only discovering (vegetarian-friendly) falafel late in the game and around the same time I was leaving the city.

Since I’ve moved back again and have long reintroduced chicken in my diet, I’ve gone to a handful Halal food stalls: the one across the Diamond District on Sixth Avenue; the post-work dinner haunts near the Hilton midtown; the one on Third Avenue near the Rodale office. And, my favorite one so far was the one in Chelsea, the cart on 18th St. beside Bed Bath and Beyond. I ordered my usual half chicken and half falafel over yellow rice, lettuce, drizzled in yummy garlic sauce with hot sauce on the side. And, this particular one came with a side of chickpeas in some thickened brown sauce (a first among all the stalls I’ve tried); it was good.

Tip: The servings are pretty large, so save the rest for another meal by transferring leftovers in a sturdy plastic container that you can refrigerate without spilling. Note that the sauces and spices may cause said dish to spoil rapidly. If it starts smelling funkier than it’s supposed to, DO NOT EAT.