DAY 29
of the 30-Day Blog Challenge, 2011
A preliminary PDF proof.

I recently had a non-fiction book published, “The Official Guide to ZAPPING the Freshman 15″—a health and lifestyle primer co-authored with Marsha Irving (a fitness trainer, model, and actress). I first blogged about it here, and mentioned I would post select pages “one of these days.” Today is one of those days.

It’s a thrill to see your work in print, especially if you’re a paper girl at heart like me. When I was little, my parents had a bookstore and I grew up having free access to many books—Archie comicbooks, in particular—and magazines (I attribute my hypochondriac tendencies to having pored over issues of Reader’s Digest as a tween.).True, I have a keen appreciation for the online world and the web of opportunities made possible by its existence and success in the realm of publishing. But, nothing still beats the feel of printed paper in one’s hands. All of the above explains why I own an iPad and still impulse-buy magazines at Hudson News (and also why my fascination with companies like Hearst and Condé Nast will never ever wane).


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: First! Starting Freshman Year Right
Chapter 2: Stressbusters
Chapter 3: Go, carbs!

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Freshman 15 is available on Amazon, (paperback and Kindle edition), Barnes & Noble online and Xlibris (our publisher).