of the 30-Day Blog Challenge

At my new job, I’ve noticed that everyone seems to eat healthy—which is not unusual in a city where one could buy fresh strawberries, cherries, and blueberries on the street while walking home; and where delis have salad and sandwich bars that cater to the most discerning lunch crowd (low fat here, soy there).

My seatmate (who was actually my boss at another job) shies away from dairy with the exception of ice cream and cheese every now and then. My new boss packs her own organic salad for lunch (an excellent reminder to start organizing and planning my meals to bring to work), and another coworker has the physique of a longtime runner (or regular gym-goer).

It’s actually easy here in New York to get fit and fab. Not counting the daily commute wherein one rushes for the trains and constantly watches out for traffic lights when crossing the street, it’s hardly ever a challenge to get moving out here. Come winter time, one would rather be huffing and puffing rather than stay sedentary, frozen. As for fitness opportunities other than walking or running, do a quick Google search of “yoga in mid-town Manhattan” and watch multiple balloons come up on the map.

The only challenge probably is cashflow—organic food tends to be pricier—but then again, exercise is free, and buying fresh produce, going to the supermarket, and making one’s own meals is still far less expensive than takeout.