New year, new home. Cheers!

Over the holidays, my husband and I moved into a one-bedroom apartment—which meant that on top of the usual flurry that comes with the season, we also had to deal with hauling things back and forth and all over, even from out of state! This included two trips to Ikea, U-Haul rentals on separate occasions, and more.

But, the best part of the season was finally having our own space. We welcomed 2012 over champagne, cheese, chocolate, and cheers and were absolutely thrilled, even if at the time, our living room looked like a disaster area. In lieu of a center table/console on which to place the cheese board, we stacked Banker’s boxes…which, by the way, also make up our nightstand at the moment.

Our makeshift bedside table.

That said, it’s refreshing—and a relief!—to know that my husband and I share the same design aesthetic and essentially agree on items to prioritize. Our bed was our first splurge, while the reasonable, well thought-out pieces from Ikea have been a blessing and a joy to shop for.

Our living room is actually looking better these days.
This piece from Ikea marries form and function…at a price that can’t be beat!

My modernist take on home design clearly stems from having had chores growing up and I have no doubt in my mind about it. You see, it’s key for me that our living space is easy to clean, so that automatically discounts all the frilly stuff that can collect dust. As for my husband, I guess with him being a guy—who also happens to like tech things—clean lines make sense.

Speaking of Ikea, on one occasion, I spotted a woman carrying an Hermès bag and I immediately had a light-bulb moment. I thought, That’s it! That pretty much sums up how I want to approach this whole thing about furnishing our new home: Even when I can afford Hermès, I still would want to be seen traipsing around the mega-store shopping for file folders, shelves or a nice big red table/orange mirror. I want the same high-low approach to interior design in the same I would with fashion.

So, anyway, here’s a glimpse of what our home looks like these days. I plan on posting behind-the-scenes pics in another blog post.

I’ve attempted to blog in the bedroom but with this cozy bed and
fluffy comforter—plus my huggable husband—it’s been a challenge!
It’s still pretty much a blank canvas, and the plan is
to keep things clean, modern, and cozy.