My kind of turkey.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend! I had my fair share of turkey in the form of this decadent tablepiece at a family dinner. Given that my modified pesco-vegetarian diet leaves little room for poultry other than chicken, imagine my delight upon discovering that the hosts of a scrumptious, sweet, and savory meal placed shiny dark chocolate figurines next to beautiful flowers. Before dessert was served—a fantabulous spread of fruit, figs, cake, pie, and cupcakes—one of the guests wondered out loud if the little chocolate turkeys were to be eaten. Then, she gamely broke off a piece and the rest of us left at the table enjoyed slivers of its rich, bittersweet “meat.”

I now also happen to own one whole piece. The host’s mother must have found it amusing/odd that my husband and I kept snapping pics of the chocolate charmers, that after dinner, she told me she would wrap one up for me to take home. Yay! Happy Thanksgiving, indeed 🙂