This sweet vanilla cupcake topped with a rich, creamy swirl of Valrhona chocolate butter frosting will make your heart swoon and make you fall in love with life itself!

For this, I referenced the recipe in my “Cupcakes a la NYC” postΒ (also at They’re inspired by Magnolia Bakery’s vanilla-chocolate cupcakes, or even Eleni’sβ€”both in New York.

Because I forgot to get some at the grocery earlier, I substituted the melted unsweetened chocolate originally called for with the Valrhona cocoa powder I already had in the pantry. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure it out and just kept adding cocoa by the spoonfuls to the frosting, until it tasted just about right. I’d say about five tablespoons, but let your tastebuds be the judge πŸ™‚

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day! With love from NYC πŸ™‚