I am not forgetting about this blog (or my blogging and online life in general)! My work life has just been extra-extra hectic lately that what usually happens when I get home is one or a combination of the following:
– tinker around the apartment/kitchen
– do laundry (or postpone laundry for yet another day)
– hang out with my husband and our dear doggie; go for a walk
– have dinner, work on a deadline (for the things I do outside of my day job)
– watch a TV show, pass out, wake up in the morning, and do the hustle all over again
I know I shouldn’t be making any excuses. I’ve said this time and again, my writer and editor friends multitask and do all of this with aplomb. Case in point as always: Frances, who at the moment, is due to give birth soon to her second child, keeps house, helms the local edition of OK! Magazine, writes blogs, goes to events…the works.
Anyway, I do have a bunch of food-related posts in the backburner with pictures ready that I just have to sit on and write. There are those long overdue hazelnut brownies, a scrumptious D.I.Y. fish sandwich, and more.
Soon, friends. Soon.