I’m a fan of high-and-low pairings—in fashion, beauty…and the home!

Case in point, I want these Marimekko bowls:

Marimekko Small Siirtolapuutarha Bowl, $24.
Marimekko Large Siirtolapuutarha Bowl, $52.

And these Ikea plates and bowls:

Ikea Promenad Series bowls and plates, $3.99–4.99 each.

Ikea & Marimekko: Scandinavian treats for the home, satisfied, in one fell swoop! 🙂

(Screenshots from: http://usstore.marimekko.com/home-decor/kitchen-and-dining.asp and http://onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com/us/en/ikea_catalog)