Pink ribbed tank, Uniqlo; pink and purple printed
shorts, Target; old gold and white bead necklace,
made by a former editor turned accessories designer;
cuff, Happy David; bangles, “secret” accessories

store in NY

Summer in the city is my absolute favorite season of the year for the simple reason that I’m not freezing and I can get dressed in five minutes flat. Bright and airy fabrics, vibrant prints, and happy florals make up my warm-weather wardrobe. But alasβ€”come September first, summer would be “officially” over. There’s that no-white-pants-after-Labor-Day “rule” (why not???) and already, sweaters and boots filling up store shelves. So what’s a busy New York bee to do? Blog! …About the fun and fab summer clothes that I’ll definitely still be wearing next summer. They’re a mix of old and new pieces, high and low finds (or more like “medium” and low) and accessories culled over time.

Cheers to a summer well-enjoyed!

Calypso for Target mixed-bead, multi-layer necklace.
Very, very old Gap tank from my mom;
Topshop shorts circa Summit days;
same accessories as opening photo.
LOVE this dotted, bright melon ball skirt from Zango!
Wooden bead necklace, an old gift from Kat;
bronze Havaianas sandals; Fossil watch from my husband.