Guys, I apologize for egging on about this whole manners thing. My etiquette and Botox articles were/are taking a while to complete, hence, the fixation in decorum (and frowning).

While doing research, I came across this quote:

“Being married does not give you freedom to ignore your manners.”

I got reminded of how, at the airport a few months ago, I noticed a woman snapping at her husband for apparently not finding something in her purse. Immediately I promised myself, “I will never treat my husband that way.” The woman, by the way, later on happily leaned against her spouse’s arm while waiting for boarding. All the more I was struck by the prospect of treating A. with respect…consistently. For if someone is capable of giving you love and comfort, it’s only proper to reciprocate by being mindful of how you treat that person.

Now, the challenge here—and why I’m even writing about this—is that I come from a family whose members are known to be impatient, impulsive, and quick to anger…including myself. There lies the importance of the aforementioned resolution….and again, I make that promise to be my best.

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