I just got off the phone with my grandma, who, at 89, is still wit, wisdom, tenacity and positivity, personified.

A mere five minutes of talking to her yielded these lovely snippets:

1) On her upcoming birthday: “My birthday wish? Reaching this age, what more can I ask for?”

2) On going to the movies: “Yes, you should enjoy, while you don’t have kids.” (Note: She said this in genuine reference to the going-out-together part and not the childbearing part.)

3) On health and rest: “Eat well, so you’ll grow old healthy… You guys should already eat so you can rest and sleep.”

4) On lunch: “I want to eat fried chicken. I hope my caregiver can get even just one piece.” 🙂

Mariel Jimenez | 30-day Blog Challenge 2013 | Day 8