As part of my 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification, I am embarking on a 30-day personal “sadhana”—or practice.

According to

A sadhana can be any one of a number of rituals that you personally feel drawn to and are comfortable committing to on a daily basis. Sadhana, known in yoga as the “Path to Self-Realization,” is time taken each day (usually in the morning) to meditate, practice asana (yogic postures) and/or mantra. However, a personal daily sadhana needs not adhere to only these activities. Even a simple contemplative or meditative walk each day can be a sadhana ritual. 

It’s ideal to start one’s personal sadhana on a day that is quite meaningful: that could be the start of the month, a significant personal day, or the start of a New Moon (hence, why I chose today). 

In my original blog,, I did a 30-day Blog Challenge every year from 2009 to 2011. I didn’t do it in 2012 because of a hectic work schedule. Work is still pretty busy these days, but having studied and embraced yoga for three months straight, what better way to jump back into the blogging game AND fulfill one of the last few requirements towards being able to apply for the certificate than starting a 30-day Blog Challenge once again.

And this time, I’m doing it here on Tumblr, as a spin-off of my home blog! [And I’m reposting everything here on Ny Minute Now as well ;)]

I’m curious to see what the features here are and how the interface works; hoping the new space will inspire me to stick to the plan.

Blogging for 30 days straight is only one part of my personal sadhana. I also plan on doing the following:

1) At least 10 minutes of meditation daily and doing Nadi Shodhana or alternate-nostril breathing—a ‘cleansing’ and ‘purifying’ pranayama or breath.

2) Wait for it…

30 days of NOT BUYING ANYTHING!!! 

Bet ya didn’t see that coming, did you?:)

Of course the essentials such as food, groceries, and basic necessities do not. I am talking about my Zara-online-shopping habit and buying random things.

I still have to fill out the personal sadhana form from one of my teachers at Sonic Yoga here in New York (the sheet should include a personal intention and other aspects). Will most likely talk about it in further detail as I go along.

For now, here goes: I hope the next 30 days of blogging, meditating, and not-buying-anything prove to be meaningful and fulfilling!


Mariel Jimenez | 30-day Blog Challenge 2013 | Day 1