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It’s a big, big beauty playground! And I’m totally thrilled about these two beauty stories.

It’s been quiet on the beauty front here on NY Minute Now…because I’ve been a busy bee churning some stories elsewhere on the interwebs. 🙂 Here are two that I’m pretty stoked about (and quite proud of)!

1) “The 5 Beauty Essentials of New Yorkers” on Beauty & Sparkle

My dear friend, beauty journalist and super-blogger Nicole Romero and I go a long way back. We met in Cosmo, where she first started in the lifestyle pages and later on became beauty editor. When she asked me to write a guest post, it took a little bit of back-and-forth for us to hone in on a subject—when it comes to NYC beauty, there’s so much to talk about! We decided on beauty essentials, which I put together with the help of my coworkers whom I polled for the story.

Here are the results from asking coworkers about their must-have beauty products!

2) “The 5 Lightest, Barely-There Foundations You Can Find At Sephora” on xoJane

image 1_perricone no foundation serum

Did two (or three?) rounds of testing at Sephora after work and during my lunch hour.

Barely-there, light-as-air foundations that I’ve nicknamed, “The Emperor’s New Foundations.”

These days, I truly have a keener appreciation for inertia—a subject that warrants its own blog post. One Friday when I had the day off, I had just written my review of the amazing NYC food delivery Stadium when a good friend and former editor emailed me about beauty pitches for xoJane (run by Jane Pratt, founding editor of Sassy and Jane magazines). I sent my pitch in, got a response, and now the story’s up!
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How about you? What beauty topics would you like to see more of here on NY Minute Now? Message/tweet to me @nyminutenow, or let’s chat below in the comment section! 🙂

Product images courtesy of Sephora and featured brands.