DAY 14
of the 30-Day Blog Challenge, 2011
The road less traveled may offer pleasant surprises along the way. 

When things don’t turn out as planned, it’s good to just roll with it. This is something I’ve picked up along the way and is a recurring lesson in my life. It’s also quite convenient that I tend to be forgetful, because I can’t seem to remember things or moments that I’m supposed to regret, even if, at the time they’re happening, I remind myself to categorize what’s happening as “something to regret.” A.k.a. setbacks, they always seem to be replaced by something fabulous, hence, the selective amnesia.

Similarly, it’s good to be flexible when making plans. Leave some leeway for any last-minute changes—you could be pleasantly surprised. Take yesterday, for example. Had I followed the morning’s schedule to the letter, I wouldn’t have ended up taking photos in front of the library and wouldn’t have met or talked to Bill Cunningham.

In life, there are detours and unexpected delays. We can choose to be disgruntled, or welcome each one with a sense of adventure.