I never thought the day would come when I would trade fashion-y footwear for cushy rubber shoes. In college, I was more or less known for having the latest trainers and sneakers, and my girliest shoes were a pair of Birkenstock Mary Janes that I wore to the ground. And then there were my Mojo [a local brand with Teva-inspired designs] sandals.

When I started working (and driving), the world of high-heels opened up for me. From wedges to stilettos, the sky was the limit for my teetering frenzy.

In New York, I’d easily adapted to the norm of toting two pairs of shoes on any given day: flats for the subway and heels for work. But eventually, I just got lazy doing this cumbersome—albeit unnecessary for some—switcheroo.

And lo and behold the queen of all switcheroos, I’ve had with me these beautiful Madden Girl Raleigh booties from DSW Shoe Warehouse for quite some time. I hadn’t worn them yet and I’d planned on taking the pair with me back to Manila to happily sashay in them during the holiday season. Alas, I ended up returning the booties and exchanging them for a very, very sensible pair of New Balance 737 women’s running shoes.

This is a big deal for me because I’ve said in the past that I would never get into running again—out of laziness and sheer tediousness of the sport. Just thinking about it makes me tired. Running to me feels like work, perhaps as a result of being ‘coaxed’ with an iron fist to run in college, and being duly rewarded for completing a successful training program.

However, I recently found myself, despite rebelling so, hopping on the treadmill; and there is a tentative plan to run at the park this weekend. I don’t know where this is going this time around, as I still feel exactly the same way about the sport. I guess a new pair of orange-tinged, high-tech trainers is my way of bribing myself to just get on with it.

Image courtesy of Zappos.com