DAY 19
of the 30-Day Blog Challenge, 2011


Lately I’ve been seeing plenty of orange. Or, make that noticing a lot of orange. It started when I saw a tangerine-themed page in the June issue of InStyle with Taylor Swift on the cover (rocking—what else?—a citrus shift dress!).

And then one Friday evening while grocery-shopping at Trader Joe’s, one of the associates and the person behind me in line started chatting about these clementines. In New York, where people talk to each other randomly, I chimed in and expressed interest in the supposedly sweet little things. The associate, in true TJ fashion, got a bag for me to add to my cart. Nice, right?

Last and definitely not the least, is the August issue of OK! Magazine Philippines, helmed by my good friend Frances of Topaz Horizon, Topaz Mommy, and Beauty for a Living (yes, she has three blogs on top of the EIC job and being a mom!). What’s special about this cover? Other than the punchy, citrus hues, it’s the first one by former Cosmo art director, Red De Leon, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with back when I was beauty editor. He’s one of the best ADs around and also happens to be fun to talk to. I’d quoted him in my On My Mind “Comfort Clause” piece a while back.

Hope you’re orange-joying your weekend!