A must-read!
DAY 12
of the 30-Day Blog Challenge, 2011

It may come as a surprise to some of you that I have subscriptions to the following men’s titles: Popular Science and Esquire. It all started when my husband was promoted to associate publisher and was responsible for launching Men’s Health in the Philippines. First, he flew out to New York for training and brought back Rodale titles, including MH editor David Zinczencko’s “Abs Diet” book. Next, he started getting US editions of both Men’s Health and Esquire in the mail. At the time, I was working at Cosmo in Manila, and reading women’s magazines as a form of relaxation had lost a bit of its luster as it would somehow feel like work. Let’s say I was reading a foreign women’s mag and am impressed by a story or would get fascinated by some photos, so I’d end up checking the gutter for credits, maybe even start poring over the masthead…not the kind of reading one would enjoy doing in the bathroom.

Men’s magazines, on the other hand, provided a more straightforward form of entertainment and relaxation. I couldn’t care less who shot what story or who did the grooming or who worked in what department (fine, maybe I still did a quick peek at the masthead)—it was pure reading pleasure.

These days, I no longer work as a full-time magazine staffer, which goes to say that I can go back to reading women’s titles without internalizing how its pages were, or a particular story was produced. Next to my Popular Science (if you have kids, I definitely recommend having this mag lying around the house for them to pick up; it’s a treasure trove of fascinating information) and Esquire are O, The Oprah Magazine, and random purchases of other fashion and lifestyle titles. What can I say? I’m a magazine girl at heart.

Image courtesy of Popular Science on Facebook.