DAY 25
of the 30-Day Blog Challenge
Merci beaucoup. Love the colors on this card!

I’ve had the chance to work with Sara, the creative intern at mark., these last few weeks and I’m posting a special shout-out her way because not only did she just hand me this super cute card (from Papyrus), but she also helped me get acclimatized to my new job. Her bubbly and energetic self was such a welcome treat and I’ll truly miss her (it’s her last day at work today but she’ll most probably be popping by every now and then).

Many of you may not know this, but mark.—Avon’s younger trend brand—has “a world class internship program,” in the words of mark. president Claudia Poccia. And I’m not saying that because I work here; I know this much is true because I’ve recently just managed an internship program, and what I’ve seen in only a few weeks has been amazing so far. And, duh, I started out as an intern myself, so it’s safe to say and acknowledge that I have a soft spot for anybody who’s new in the biz.

What I’m also discovering and liking about the company right now is how positive the environment is, how people are open to doing things in new ways. And, for someone who has worked in different places and in different stretches of time, it’s a refreshing reminder of how working in an office again can be fun and exciting.