In the middle of deadlines, I decided to tune in to RX 93.1 online, and get some good music from back home. I realized, Manila has become a melting pot of sorts when it comes to two major genres of music: House and Hip-hop. Okay, and a third: Pop.

During my Cosmo and Seventeen editor years, I got to meet the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Chicane/Nick Bracegirdle, Michelle Branch, and have witnessed countless gigs and amazing performances of both pop artists and under-the-radar but superbly talented musicians.

Going out in New York has proven to be a little bit frustrating, because clubs here seem to be encased in a music time capsule. (Seriously, “One More Time” is old!)

Meanwhile, I’m intently perusing a DJ career (okay, you can laugh now). I’m currently on the lookout for a serious curriculum so I can finally get to the turntablesโ€”as a professional. (Look out, Sam Ronson!)

Dreaming and DJ-ing aside, deadlines take centerstage for now.

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A little bit of trivia…
In 2002, I trained briefly at NU107 to do the morning news, under the expertise of Joyce Titular a.k.a. J.D. and Zach Lucero (remember, Zach and Joey in the Morning? THATZach.)