DAY 21
of the 30-Day Blog Challenge, 2011
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In my “Street Shopping” post, I’d mentioned spotting purple Justbeats Solo headphones—the Justin Bieber version of the ultra-popular Beats by Dr. Dre—in one of the stalls. I am not kidding when I say that no train ride is complete without seeing the ubiquitous “b” on someone’s ear. (For the record, I have yet to find someone wearing the ube Biebers.)

Monster Headphones Solo HD JustBeats by Dr. Dre with Control Talk
Ube, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh…

A while back, an uncle of mine said that to get good headphones, one must be prepared to spend. And, I somewhat agree with him. That said, I’ve had the same Sennheiser earpieces for quite some time now, two of them actually: one, in-ear buds purchased on a press trip in Amsterdam back 2006; and two, larger, DJ-type on-ear ones from 2009 that I left with Mom. Both are priced mid-range and offer great sound quality. The smaller ones, however, seem to be no longer in optimal condition, given that they’re five years old. Again, you know how I feel about gadgets.

But ever since I tried on a demo unit of the super cute red Solo Beats a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been extra fascinated by the prospect of getting new headphones. Hence, I wouldn’t say that coming out of Best Buy yesterday with new Klipsch Image ONE Stereo Headphones was exactly an impulse purchase. Up until the last minute at the registers, I turned around and returned them on the rack, only to head back to the store after a quick trip to Starbucks and finally getting them.

So, what made me decide to make the splurge and take the “audiophile” plunge? Apart from an imminent need (thanks, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry), I did spend almost an hour at the store comparing sound quality of several sample units, including one of the newer Bose on-ear models. The Klipsch ones didn’t actually call out to me at first glance, but imagine my surprise when, upon testing them, they turned out to produce better-quality sound than the more popular Beats. (The Bose pair, by the way, was quite excellent—expectedly—but didn’t look good on me. Yes, I’m part of the female shopping demographic.) Aesthetically though, Dr. Dre wins in that department. Bottomline is, before buying anything that clocks in at over a certain price range, make sure to be extra scrutinizing so you lessen your chances of buyer’s remorse. Speaking of which, I need to finish an article on fashion finds that do exactly that—let you shop without feeling guilty. Signing off for now. Cue: Super Bass.

A song that makes a great headphone tester.