Now one of my favorite NYC stopovers!
Sprinkles Cupcakes, 780 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10065

Speaking of happy, vibrant, and colorful things, on a recent trip to California, my sister-in-law got me into Sprinkles Cupcakes. Here’s what the brand says about their delectable concoctions:

“Since we opened the world’s first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills, our freshly baked treats have inspired long lines of devoted Hollywood stars and serious epicureans alike.”

I first bought their red velvet, raspberry, and S’more cupcakes at the Newport Beach branch and then went on to happily devour the delicious little cakes at a nice mini-picnic patch by Laguna Beach, while enjoying the picturesque views with family. What set these cupcakes apart were their moist texture and not-too-cloyingly-sweet frosting. Whereas most cupcakes here in the U.S. are pretty, some are sugar bombs with dry, crumbly interiors. Sprinkles ranks first on my plate in terms of presentation, flavor, and texture. It’s also a plus that the shop only makes 12 variants a day and comes up with limited-edition specials, such as this month’s vanilla hazelnut chocolate cupcakes.

Back in New York and back at work, I couldn’t stop raving about these treats. THEN a coworker mentioned that we do have Sprinkles in town, right by Bloomingdales on 60th St. and Lexington!

So guess who’s gone back more than four times to date?:)

Perfect for picnics! Red velvet and S’more cupcakes. 
Cute cupcake “schedule” card!
Keep at room temperature, do not refrigerate, eat within two days.
(For more info, visit
Fashion’s Night Out version! 
What’s not to love?
Bottom, left: limited edition raspberry cupcake from August—absolutely delicious!