of the 30-Day Blog Challenge, 2011
Something to repeat.

 With my blogging and overall love for good food, I may come across as this “foodie” with very evolved tastes (and tastebuds). But, to tell you the truth, I tend to be boring, if not, monotonous, in my day-to-day choices. For instance, I have the same thing for breakfast almost everyday and more or less follow the same sequence:

First, I’ll have some steel cut oatmeal (once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back to rolled oats…unless you’re baking cookies). Next, I’ll have eggs with toast or potatoes, or both, depending on whether I prepare them myself or get them from a deli.

So, yes, I have two breakfasts spaced about an hour apart. From that point forward, I’ll eat when I’m hungry, and shoot for small-ish, frequent meals. Lunch can fall between 1pm to 2pm, depending how the oatmeal and eggs were spaced apart, and it’s usually something with salmon, arugula, rice, potatoes, or cheese. If I go out to dinner, I’ll most likely pick something out from the menu that has any of those items.

For dessert, lately it’s been a lot of yogurt—frozen, parfait with granola—oh, and yes, ice cream (gelato if I’m anywhere near the Grand Central food court).

As I’m writing this, a Jon Bon Jovi interview comes to mind. The rockstar has been married to his high school sweetheart for the last 20-plus years. I remember the reporter asking him how he felt about this, given that musicians were notorious for having all these women around, throwing themselves at band members. He said, and I paraphrase, “It’s like going to the candy store—at some point, you don’t want all that candy inside the store, you have your favorites.”

What’s your favorite sweet treat?