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Avocado Smash with fried egg from Little Collins in Midtown East.

I love Munchery, I adore Stadium, and now I’ve had a chance to beta test-drive Munch Ado, a new NYC food discovery platform that attempts to curate and organize NYC’s larger-than-life food dining and delivery experience in one app. Think, your mobile concierge for deciding on lunch when nothing calls out from you go-to spots; or where to take friends who are visiting from out of town.

“This NY-based start-up is redefining food discovery and connecting restaurants with people (and vice versa)as a single full-service digital platform that combines all the elements of Google, Yelp, Groupon, Seamless, GrubHub, Open Table, etc. into one,” according to their press release. “With hundreds of NYC restaurants on-board you can find a restaurant, order food, reserve a table or find deals all on one, convenient platform and avoid the hassle of having to switch between multiple sites.”

nyminutenow munch ado_04

Munch Ado’s mobile interface.

What I loved:
– Choices! So many choices!
– The ability to filter to your heart’s content (gluten-free? Check. Korean food? Check.)
– The “concierge” experience; a virtual personal assistant to help decide on lunch

What I didn’t adore:
– Choices! Options overload, but that’s what the app is for, to help weed through the vast food landscape of this amazing city known for exactly that.
– The use of pun; I’m probably just not the intended audience.
– Little bugs here and there such as getting messages from both the service and Grubhub/Seamless; an item not available on the menu after all (this is where their stellar customer service came through).

Overall, this app is promising. I mean, come on—anybody or ANYTHING that attempts to do what this start-up is doing is amazing!

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PIzza, burgers, Greek food, you name it. [Munch Ado]