You know you want one.

I was just over by and came across a post on perhaps my favorite school accessory of all time (Elle Undercover Fashion Week Accessory: The Trapper Keeper” by Johanna Cox). Oh my gosh, I LOVED Trapper Keepers as a student! My mother helped indulge this fixation by buying several of them in different designs, even for herself and for my father (who was starting a journalist career at the time).

I am this close to getting myself one for…oh well, just because! I should probably buy several and have a Trapper Keeper Giveaway here, picking up from the Sharpie Giveaway I held last last month. Oh what fun! Do drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

The author of the article mentions another 80’s school supply icon, Lisa Frank. Admit it: You looked forward to those Balikbayan boxes for those bright, whimsical stickers and folders. To quote from the post in which Cox notes the usefulness of the Trapper Keeper for the upcoming New York Fashion Week:

“Although no longer themed with Lisa Frank’s acid-trippy unicorns and dilated teddy bears, the TrapKeep is still very much for sale. A Moleskin notebook is fine and nice, but does it come with tabbed folders, one each for Narciso, Marc and Rodarte? Can you slip your day’s invitations into its convenient plastic pouch? Can it double as a seat cushion if your mini goes micro mini upon taking your seat in the front-row? I think not.”


Another remnant of my 90s student life is the FILOFAX. I remember pre-schoolyear trips to Regina’s and Tickles, where they sold a variety of colors and fabrics, along with a bevy of refills, pockets, and whatever one could insert in every slot.

Eventually and at the turn of the millennium, things got smaller and smaller by way of the Palm Pilot. (I got the Handspring instead in an effort to not have what everybody else had.)

These days, I write everything down on a fuchsia pink Mead notebook and punch calendar reminders on my trusty Nokia phone. Everything else, I email to myself on Gmail.

Now if you’ll excuse me for a sec, I’m browsing the Mead website, reviving my long-lost Trapper Keeper fancy πŸ™‚

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UPDATE 09/09/09: I just won this on eBay! It’s the exact same Trapper Keeper design I had from Freshman year in high school πŸ™‚ Thanks, jump-dumpster!