For the first time ever, I found myself crying in yoga class. Albeit discreetly, I sobbed and kept reaching for my towel at the beginning of the class (thankfully, as we were all on our backs with our eyes closed) to wipe away the tears.

It started when our teacher pointed out that it was the last day we would have the class on the second floor, where, for many years, all the sessions had been held. The new studios would now occupy the third and fourth floors of the same building. Seemingly not a big deal, I know. But last days of anything seem to bring about a sense of melancholy: last day of school, last day of work, last day of a relationship. So it wasn’t that big of a surprise to me that when she started to get teary-eyed, I perfectly understood her sentimentalityβ€”which then prompted my own sob session.

What really got the tears flowing was when she said the following (and I paraphrase):

“It is when when we move around in circles and find ourselves in the same spot that we ask ourselves, ‘Why am I here again? Why is it that I never learn?’ When in fact, we’re actually moving in an upward spiral, not in circles; that when we end up in the same spot, we’ve actually gone one level up.”