Spiral up and away!

I quote from the November 2011 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine (“What I Know for Sure,” p. 210):

“One of my greatest lessons has been to fully understand that what looks like a dark patch in the quest for success is the universe pointing you in a new direction. Anything can be a miracle, a blessing, an opportunity if you choose to see it that way. Had I not been demoted from the 6 o’clock anchor post in Baltimore back in 1977, the talk show gig would never have happened when it did. When you can see obstacles for what they are, you never lose faith in the path it takes to get you where you want to go.”

β€”Oprah Winfrey

It’s a lazy Saturday and I’m supposed to be making space for big changes in how I live up ahead. For one, there’s a possible imminent move to an apartment that I have yet to find. For another, there’s all the work that I have to do, in and out of the office.

I did just want to upload a blog post really quickly, as yesterday was a year to date of my last day working at Avon, with the trend brand, mark., where I had been abruptly laid off. That same week, I’d gone to yoga class and had written the post, “Upward Spirals; Not Circles.”

I wrote (quoting from the teacher, Jo Bell):

It is when when we move around in circles and find ourselves in the same spot that we ask ourselves, ‘Why am I here again? Why is it that I never learn?’ When in fact, we’re actually moving in an upward spiral, not in circles; that when we end up in the same spot, we’ve actually gone one level up.

Yesterday in yoga class, again (where I seem to find inspiration for blogs), it occurred to me that what if these spirals were literal springboards for life? What if, whenever we reach the top of each one, it coils and propels us up and forward? A delightful analogy, I must say.

Happy weekend, folks!

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