Oil like it.

Given that my latest skincare addiction is Jojoba Oil—pure, organic Simmondsia Chinensis extract—which I’ve been using as a moisturizer, makeup primer, remover, undereye ‘cream,’ and leave-on hair conditioner, it’s been a little easy to push other products to the beauty backburner. If you’re scoping the cosmetic scene though for new face loot, you may want to check out Noevir (a Japanese skincare line that my aunties sell) and Obagi Clear—the latter brand known for products containing Vitamin C and Hydroquinone; active ingredients that promise to improve age spots and skin color. When I was a beauty editor, I was a little wary of anything that had Hydroquinone (and mineral oil, for that matter). My guess now is that newer formulations have come a long way, but to be safe, always, always patch test a small area before slathering anything all over your face and neck, especially if your skin is overly sensitive and/or tends to develop rashes quite easily.

Speaking of “slathering,” if you grew up in a tropical country like I did, the thought of swathing skin in oil may seem a little weird, since you get the shiny effect regardless of your skincare regimen—or lack thereof—thanks to the heat and humidity. At the most, after showering (which is usually daily for many people back home), one would apply a body oil like Neutrogena or a lightweight lotion.

I first came across the concept of pure essential oils in skincare many years ago when I interviewed a local actress, who, at the time, was using Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang—an oil-based serum formulated for (surprise!) oily and combination skin. Back then I found this odd.

Fast forward to now, I can’t get enough of these oils! Perhaps having experienced winters in North America where one’s skin gets extremely parched has contributed to this fascination/fixation. I now liken applying Jojoba oil on my face to applying lip balm when lips feel dry. It’s the same feeling.

How about you…do you Jojoba?