NY Spring/Summer Minutes: A Recap of Food, Events, & Things

Can you believe that summer is indeed almost over? Labor day was two weekends past; the Fall Equinox is on the 23rd. And after that, it’ll be officially autumn. Time to switch out my beloved single-layer summer clothes for the building blocks of cold weather upon us…well, hopefully not for at least another few months. (I couldn’t even bring myself to type the word “winter”).

To say that I’ve had a busy summer is quite an understatement. :) Here’s my attempt to get caught up with some pending posts via an all-in-one recap of NY Spring/Summer Minutes and things!
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Jaguar, Newcastle, American Greetings & HBO: Spotlight on Award-Winning Ad Campaigns

In the category of I-need-to-write-this-down-now-while-it’s-fresh (and also afraid that if I don’t, I’ll get busy and this post will simply be backburnered, like the one I had written from the Town & Country Philanthropy Summit, yet to be posted, sigh), here are my notes from Thursday’s ANA Advertising & Marketing Conference @Citi…
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nyminutenow cheese platter_01

Cheese Platter Friday

For two Fridays in a row now, I’ve taken to building these mini-cheese platters to snack on at work. Whole Foods is just an avenue down: Last week I picked up a pretty straightforward white cheddar (Red Spruce, pictured above) and yesterday, the guy at…

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New York Summer Outing

How’s everyone’s summer coming along? Mine has been quite hectic; a blur of activity. With yoga now practically taking over any free time I have outside of work, this blog has constantly been pushed to the backburner. So if you’re reading this, please know that…

Jay Z on Tidal

Do you think there will ultimately only be one service that everyone uses? “The universe needs balance. There’s light and dark, there’s day and night. There’s young and old. There’s always an alternative in life. So I don’t believe there will be one service.” —Jay…

Quick Blog Update

Hi, friends!

I have NOT forgotten about this blog! :) It’s been incredibly hectic on all fronts—yoga, work, life. I do have posts lined up that I just have to write: a long overdue recap of food activities, some lifestyle posts, ahhh.

For now, a quick update…

nyminutenow orwashers donuts nyc

Donuts! And More Donuts!

We were just at Doughnut Plant in Chelsea last weekend and today, my boss brought in Orwashers Donuts from the Upper East Side. Now, I’m quite picky when it comes to donuts—see my mini-review of DP here. These (kosher!) donuts—glazed and filled—didn’t disappoint.

nyminutenow new york midtown east

Be Kind, Be True, Part 4

[Back to Be True, Be Kind, Part 3] (Fourth in a series of four posts.) 15. Be comfortable with what you don’t know Two things. 1) This is where you hire people who are supremely talented in areas that you have yet to fully master. (Learning…

nyminutenow homemade green tea ice cream matcha

Instant Green Tea Ice Cream

If you have a hankering for legit green tea ice cream but nowhere near a grocery store or bodega that sells it—and assuming you’ve bought into New York’s Latest Obsession and already scored yourself some matcha powder from Amazon, the health food store or Japanese mini-mart—then this…