Highlights from Global Citizen Festival NYC

When you hear about a concert that has No Doubt(!), Jay Z, Tiesto, and Co. all playing in the same venue, you make a (virtual) beeline for tickets, STAT! I started seeing posters for the show back in July and by August 1st, the husband got us all set for the September 27 event. Fantastic.

And oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…WHAT A SHOW!

Lazy-day Lacquer

By Thursday, September 4, 2014 Permalink 0

For someone who works in beauty, I’m quite lazy when it comes to primping and preening. It’s not that I leave the house looking like a slob (Never again!*), I just happen to put a premium on sleep, and as of recently, using those precious minutes in the morning to make smoothies on the Nutribullet (get your veggies on!). It’s a feat if I get to apply concealer, an achievement if I make it to eyeliner. My go-to beauty move is a pop of lip color, usually, a berry-fuchsia.