Banoffee Pie, Revisited

I still have one more post in the Be Kind, Be True, Be You series but I wanted to take a moment and share with you this recipe from my old dessert blog, All My Sugar. I made Banoffee Pie last week in celebration of the Spring Equinox…

Be Kind, Be True, Part 3

(Second in a series of three posts.)

8. Be nice to interns. Or even better, EMPOWER them.
When Seventeen Magazine launched its first international edition in the Philippines, I was lucky to have been one of the first interns to work there. I’d just spent the summer at my mother’s in Colorado and I literally started my second day back in Manila. Given that the staff was barebones, my editors sent me solo on shoots and assigned sections…

Be Kind, Be True, Part 2

It’s now been almost a year since I’d written “Be True, Be Kind, Be You,” one of the most-read career posts on the blog to date. As the months passed, I began to compile a few more things to add to the original five and that list has now grown threefold, so I’m uploading it in three parts…

Remembering Lola Feleng

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It’s easy for me to eulogize my maternal grandmother. When it comes to describing Felicidad Paras Manaloto—”Mamang” to her children—there is more than enough to fill up a page.

Lola, “grandma” in Filipino, was a woman ahead of her time, a true embodiment of the female spirit: nurturing, graceful, intelligent, selfless, fierce, steadfast, tenacious, and ever generous.

7 Days of Yoga

In connection to a beauty story that I’m working on, I went to seven yoga classes for seven days straight last week—practiced, assisted, or taught. Here’s how it went down:

On My Beauty Want List

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Just got today’s Sephora Beauty Insider email and right away, spotted two things that I ADORE… Both are just a bit pricier than I am willing to spend on disposable beauty items and brushes (you know how I feel about brushes). But these…