Do you think there will ultimately only be one service that everyone uses?
“The universe needs balance. There’s light and dark, there’s day and night. There’s young and old. There’s always an alternative in life. So I don’t believe there will be one service.”
—Jay Z on Tidal at NYU

Quick Blog Update

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Hi, friends!

I have NOT forgotten about this blog! :) It’s been incredibly hectic on all fronts—yoga, work, life. I do have posts lined up that I just have to write: a long overdue recap of food activities, some lifestyle posts, ahhh.

For now, a quick update…

Donuts! And More Donuts!

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We were just at Doughnut Plant in Chelsea last weekend and today, my boss brought in Orwashers Donuts from the Upper East Side. Now, I’m quite picky when it comes to donuts—see my mini-review of DP here. These (kosher!) donuts—glazed and filled—didn’t disappoint.

Banoffee Pie, Revisited

I still have one more post in the Be Kind, Be True, Be You series but I wanted to take a moment and share with you this recipe from my old dessert blog, All My Sugar. I made Banoffee Pie last week in celebration of the Spring Equinox…

Be Kind, Be True, Part 3

(Second in a series of three posts.)

8. Be nice to interns. Or even better, EMPOWER them.
When Seventeen Magazine launched its first international edition in the Philippines, I was lucky to have been one of the first interns to work there. I’d just spent the summer at my mother’s in Colorado and I literally started my second day back in Manila. Given that the staff was barebones, my editors sent me solo on shoots and assigned sections…

Be Kind, Be True, Part 2

It’s now been almost a year since I’d written “Be True, Be Kind, Be You,” one of the most-read career posts on the blog to date. As the months passed, I began to compile a few more things to add to the original five and that list has now grown threefold, so I’m uploading it in three parts…

All my life, I wanted to teach myself to build computers. I wanted to build these things for free. I just want to do it for the world. And you know, when you want something, that’s what you do the best.

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