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Testing Munch Ado – A New NYC Food App

I love Munchery, I adore Stadium, and now I’ve had a chance to beta test-drive Munch Ado, a new NYC food discovery platform that attempts to curate and organize NYC’s larger-than-life food dining and delivery experience in one app. Think, your mobile concierge for deciding on lunch when nothing calls out from you go-to spots; or where to take friends who are visiting from out of town.
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Painting With A Twist Brooklyn

At the start of the season, I was invited to a blogger event at Painting With A Twist Brooklyn—both the moniker for the Cobble Hill location AND a “paint-and-sip” evening where one can enjoy creating a painting while enjoying a drink (or two!).

I got to chat with founders Cathy Deano and Reneé Maloney, who were in town visiting from their home-base of Louisiana. The two entrepreneurs came up what was then “Corks-n-Canvas,” a concept that paired “instructional art with friends, wine, and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art.”
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Makeup Brushes, Beauty. Flashback: A Not-So-Secret Career

Inside a plastic crate, deep in the recesses of the closet that we use for storage, are my old makeup brushes. Unbeknownst to colleagues and friends here in New York, while working as a beauty editor 10 or so years ago, I had a viable side career as a makeup artist. :)
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Happy #BTTF Day!

I am married to a Back To The Future superfan. This, I’ve only recently realized. True, there were DeLorean models (one perma-parked at his desk; a few in the closet) and Marty McFly figures ordered (and pre-ordered) over the years. But given how 2015 is an auspicious year for lovers of the franchise, I now fully grasp the extent of my husband’s fascination—and devotion—to the films and the unforgettable characters.
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NY Spring/Summer Minutes: A Recap of Food, Events, & Things

Can you believe that summer is indeed almost over? Labor day was two weekends past; the Fall Equinox is on the 23rd. And after that, it’ll be officially autumn. Time to switch out my beloved single-layer summer clothes for the building blocks of cold weather upon us…well, hopefully not for at least another few months. (I couldn’t even bring myself to type the word “winter”).

To say that I’ve had a busy summer is quite an understatement. :) Here’s my attempt to get caught up with some pending posts via an all-in-one recap of NY Spring/Summer Minutes and things!
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Jaguar, Newcastle, American Greetings & HBO: Spotlight on Award-Winning Ad Campaigns

In the category of I-need-to-write-this-down-now-while-it’s-fresh (and also afraid that if I don’t, I’ll get busy and this post will simply be backburnered, like the one I had written from the Town & Country Philanthropy Summit, yet to be posted, sigh), here are my notes from Thursday’s ANA Advertising & Marketing Conference @Citi…
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Cheese Platter Friday

For two Fridays in a row now, I’ve taken to building these mini-cheese platters to snack on at work. Whole Foods is just an avenue down: Last week I picked up a pretty straightforward white cheddar (Red Spruce, pictured above) and yesterday, the guy at…

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New York Summer Outing

How’s everyone’s summer coming along? Mine has been quite hectic; a blur of activity. With yoga now practically taking over any free time I have outside of work, this blog has constantly been pushed to the backburner. So if you’re reading this, please know that…

Jay Z on Tidal

Do you think there will ultimately only be one service that everyone uses? “The universe needs balance. There’s light and dark, there’s day and night. There’s young and old. There’s always an alternative in life. So I don’t believe there will be one service.” —Jay…