This Place Is Real: 2Beans Coffee & Chocolate NYC

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Before we head into February, I’d like to bring your attention to one of the most amazing, awesome places in New York City: 2Beans. I recently stumbled upon this “chocolate store and coffee parlour” while walking to Grand Central Station on a Saturday afternoon post-brunch. What greeted me was an unbelievable array of chocolate bars from what looks like every corner of the world—I could NOT believe my eyes! I didn’t even get to peruse the coffee sceneas it was sheer tunnel vision, strictly chocolate speaking.

nyminutenow 2beans chocolate_03

nyminutenow 2beans chocolate_01

Athleisure Obsession: Sweaty Betty

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nyminutenow sweaty betty_02

My athleisure obsession continues.

So on Friday I met up with two friends for dinner and drinks. I got to the Flatiron District a little bit early, with the intention of ducking into the supercool store Bandier—where one could shop sleek, sharp, appropriate-outside-the-gym athletic wear—but instead, piqued my athleisure obsession further a few doors down via this London-bred boutique: Sweaty Betty.

Premium printed leggings, neoprene crop tops, pretty underthings, and adorable sportswear galore lined the store. And, yes—all of the above ridiculously overpriced.

But alas, ridiculously overpriced things have a way of growing on you (yes, Lululemon, you), and now I can’t stop thinking about Sweaty Betty!

Take these Santa Marta Run Tights, for example: gahh, so cute!

Blogging in 2016: Will blogs survive AND thrive?

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Blogging is still important because no other platform commands so much writing and thought. Everything else is mostly content made for entertainment. But if you want to change people’s lives, influence them to do good (or bad), let people know what you’re thinking and feeling, you write it. You have to write it.
—Frances Amper Sales, Topaz Horizon

I love this! My friend, superblogger and supermom Frances wrote a heartfelt and honest post on what essentially is a state-of-the-union on blogging in 2016. The above quote also captured what I’ve been mulling over in recent weeks, and I’m sure bloggers, marketers, and brand decision-makers have also asked this question: Will blogs eventually become obsolete?

Fudgy, Gooey, 72%-Chocolate Brownies

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Fudgy, Gooey, 72% Chocolate Brownies_01
How about we kick off 2016 with a batch of fudgy, gooey, 72% chocolate brownies? :)

My little (and now taller-than-me) brother and I made these the other day from the Chocolate Obsession cookbook by Michael Recchiuti and Fran Cage. The recipe originally called for unsweetened chocolate—we had some 72% chocolate on hand so we made adjustments to chocolate, sugar and butter content. A bit of math, thanks to this handy chocolate converter website, Including this sentence, this paragraph mentions “chocolate” seven times! 😀

Full recipe after the jump!

Testing Munch Ado – A New NYC Food App

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nyminutenow avocado smash little collins_01

Avocado Smash with fried egg from Little Collins in Midtown East.

I love Munchery, I adore Stadium, and now I’ve had a chance to beta test-drive Munch Ado, a new NYC food discovery platform that attempts to curate and organize NYC’s larger-than-life food dining and delivery experience in one app. Think, your mobile concierge for deciding on lunch when nothing calls out from you go-to spots; or where to take friends who are visiting from out of town.

Painting With A Twist Brooklyn

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At the start of the season, I was invited to a blogger event at Painting With A Twist Brooklyn—both the moniker for the Cobble Hill location AND a “paint-and-sip” evening where one can enjoy creating a painting while enjoying a drink (or two!).

Makeup Brushes, Beauty. Flashback: A Not-So-Secret Career

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nyminutenow beauty makeup brushes

Old brushes that I lovingly washed, rinsed, and air-dried. Now back on commission!

Inside a plastic crate, deep in the recesses of the closet that we use for storage, are my old makeup brushes.

Unbeknownst to colleagues and friends here in New York, while working as a beauty editor 10 or so years ago, I had a viable side career as a makeup artist.

Happy #BTTF Day!

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I am married to a Back To The Future superfan. This, I’ve only recently realized. True, there were DeLorean models (one perma-parked at his desk; a few in the closet) and Marty McFly figures ordered (and pre-ordered) over the years. But given how 2015 is an auspicious year for lovers of the franchise, I now fully grasp the extent of my husband’s fascination—and devotion—to the films and the unforgettable characters. And by osmosis, I’ve become a fan myself and have applied some modest geekery of my own on getting up to speed.

NY Spring/Summer Minutes: A Recap of Food, Events, & Things

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From the Mac Daddy event early in the season.

Can you believe that summer is indeed almost over? Labor Day was two weekends past; the Fall Equinox is on the 23rd. And after that, it’ll be officially autumn. Time to switch out my beloved single-layer summer clothes for the building blocks of cold weather upon us…well, hopefully not for at least another few months. (I couldn’t even bring myself to type the word “winter”).

To say that I’ve had a busy summer is quite an understatement. :) Here’s my attempt to get caught up with some pending posts via an all-in-one recap of NY Spring/Summer Minutes and things!