DAY 18
of the 30-Day Blog Challenge

Visit Kat Dy Finds.

Kat Dy is the former fashion editor of Cosmopolitan Philippines, who also is now based in New York City, studying even more fashion! What I like about Kat’s style is that she mixes high and low with ease, and she always looks effortlessly styled and never contrived (even when she’s wearing piles and piles of necklaces on a regular day). She’s also practical: meaning, she know when flats make better sense (hello, NYC) and when sky-highs are in order.

She was also very generous enough to let me stay in her apartment for two weeks when I just got in while she went on holiday for her birthday.

Which brings me to…her blog! Kat has just started, a blog about stuff for a girl with “champagne tastes on a beer budget.” And, here’s how she describes herself: “Well, I’m more like the girl who gets an $8 bottle of sweet white wine that everybody likes. It’s not champagne, it’s not beer, it’s somewhere in between yet just as lovely. Here is where I share all the amazing finds, bargains, deals, tricks and everything else in between that I chance upon.”

Her recent post is about these “LOVE” shoesβ€”I’ve already seen her wearing them and hadn’t noticed that the cutouts spell the word out! So amazing! Read more about them here.

“Love” sandals.