As much as I find the idea of working from home quaint, novel, and highly desirable, I now realize that I need a physical office away from home in order to keep my beauty copywriting career at its full and optimal potential. The only things that I find that I’m able to do sufficiently well at home are the following:

– Cook
– Eat
– Write about what I cooked and ate
– Browse the internet (because believe it or not, I rarely leisurely browse when I’m at work)
– Plan a yoga class
– Do yoga
– Write about life and yoga
– Nap and sleep

So, unless I take steps to make some of the above become my full-time occupation—food blogging, yoga teaching, and yoga/life blogging—I shall continue to be part of the daily hustle and bustle of working in New York City, being a copywriter in the fabulous world of beauty.

Now, getting to the office is one thing. I do love and enjoy having an office and being among coworkers (surprisingly, what with my social awkwardness). My ultimate goal/dream/wish as a professional is to be shuttled back and forth via car service. I want to work as hard as Bloomberg, but not have to be in a jam-packed train during rush hour. But then again, the mayor himself takes the subway—and so do CEOs, Julia Stiles, Scarlett Johansson, Jay Z*,—so touché!

(*Maybe Hova doesn’t count, probably had a full security detail in tow, hah!)