At the start of the season, I was invited to a blogger event at Painting With A Twist Brooklyn—both the moniker for the Cobble Hill location AND a “paint-and-sip” evening where one can enjoy creating a painting while enjoying a drink (or two!).

I got to chat with founders Cathy Deano and Reneé Maloney, who were in town visiting from their home-base of Louisiana. The two entrepreneurs came up what was then “Corks-n-Canvas,” a concept that paired “instructional art with friends, wine, and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art.” Think, bridal showers, catch-up sessions with girlfriends, et. al. It was the duo’s initiative to help rebuild their community in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina back in 2007.

Fast-forward to 2015, there are now 251 franchise locations of Painting With A Twist throughout the US. Its Brooklyn branch is helmed by Felicia Riley, whom I also met at the event. My hat’s off to anybody who is brave enough to put up a business in New York, where rent is steep and competition is stiff. AMAZE!


From left to right: Painting With A Twist founders Reneé Maloney and Cathy Deano; instructor Jesse, me, and Brooklyn branch owner Felicia Riley.

What I loved about this event and the idea is that whether you’re a seasoned artist or an ingenue when it comes to paint brushes, you’re in for a great time either way. If you’re a pro, it’s a nice way to chill out and have fun with your craft; or, if you’ve never painted a day in your life, a lively teacher walking you through the steps makes the whole thing accessible and digestible. If you’re Type A, the wine’s there to help loosen things up.


A lively instructor, such as Jesse here, gives absolutely clear and easy step-by-step instructions, promise!


Me and Vanessa of The Brooklyn Mom.

Here’s how my painting progressed—I’m quite delighted, given I’ve never really taken art classes prior :)— plus photos from the event.


A blank canvas and subtle sweeps of crimson to start.


And a selfie, of course.










Painting With A Twist Brooklyn is located at 228 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231. Phone 347-227-2136. Email studio176@paintingwithatwist.com. Classes start at $45 per person for a 2-hour class and $55 per person for a 3-hour class. Family Day and Senior’s Day are $35 per person for a 2-hour class. Check out their FAQ here.